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Terms & Conditions of Hire

The below terms and conditions relate to the meeting rooms at Wyre Forest House, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster DY117WF.

1. Booking Criteria

  • All bookings must be made in writing/email and a booking form completed.  Verbal bookings will only be classed as provisional until a completed booking form is received and any variation to a booking must be agreed and confirmed by both parties in writing/email.

  • Provisional bookings will only be held for a period two weeks.  If not confirmed by the provision of a completed booking form at the end of this period, the room may be released.

  • Booking details will be passed to our Finance Department who will invoice the Hirer directly.  Invoices will include room hire and any refreshments provided. 

  • The person completing the booking form, shall, for the purposes of these terms and conditions, be deemed to be the Hirer.

  • No transfer of bookings or sub-bookings will be allowed.

  • The facilities may only be used for the purposes and period stated on the application form, unless the Hirer has obtained the prior written consent of the Council to amend the booking times.

  • The Hirer shall allow any authorised officer of the Council access to the room at all reasonable times as may be required.

  • No advertising material shall be exhibited without first being submitted to and approved by the Council.

  • All correspondence, posters and other publicity should refer to the venue as follows: Wyre Forest House, Meeting Room (Name), Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, DY11 7WF.

  • Flyposting is illegal.  Anyone found distributing advertising posters and leaflets illegally will have their booking terminated immediately and all fees paid shall be retained.  


2. Charges and Cancellations

  • Discounted prices are available to registered charities, ‘not for profit’ organisations and partner organisations, with discounts for multiple bookings made at any one time for same date or multiple date bookings.

  • The Hirer shall be liable for any additional hire charge if the event or function overruns the pre-arranged period of hire.  The room will be opened and closed by a member of the Facilities Team.  Please ensure your guests are aware of the hire period and that they will not be able to enter before, or leave later than the agreed hire period.

  • Major variations to the booking, such as date change, will attract a £10 administration fee, which will be included in the final invoice.

  • The Council reserves the right to refuse any bookings without explanation and to cancel any booking upon reasonable grounds.  In the event that the Council cancels a booking, it will do so in writing and shall either refund all fees already paid or offer alternative dates.  The Council shall not be liable for any loss sustained by the Hirer as a result of any such cancellation. 

  • Cancellations by the Hirer should be notified to the Council in writing or by email.  Once the written confirmation is received the Council will acknowledge by return.  If you do not receive written acknowledgement of your cancellation please contact us again. 

  • The Council shall retain the full fee (room hire and refreshments) if cancellations are made within 5 working days of the hire date.  Otherwise no charge will be made for cancellations made in excess of 5 working days from the hire date.

  • Please note that a charge of 2.25% of the payment transaction value will be added to your payment when choosing to pay by credit card.


3. Meeting Room Capacity and Layouts

The example layouts are specifically for meeting, training and social event use only.

The number admitted to the meeting room hired must not exceed the maximum capacity.  The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the limitations agreed with the Council are observed.

  Room layout and maximum capacity
Room name

Boardroom _layout

Theatre _layout

Cabaret _layout

Classroom _layout

Square _layout

Horseshoe _layout

Council Chamber 40 60 60 48 n/a 50
Wolverley 4 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Stourport-on-Severn * 12 24 n/a 12 n/a 12
Bewdley* 12 24 n/a 12 n/a 12
Stourport-on-Severn and Bewdley 24 48 40 24 n/a  n/a
Chaddesley Corbett 4 n/a  n/a n/a n/a n/a


28 n/a 12 16 12
Rock* 10 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Kidderminster and Rock 16 30 n/a 16 22 16

*These rooms can be joined to provide additional capacity as indicated. 

The use of audio visual equipment where applicable are included within the hire costs. Full details of audio visual equipment available in each room are detailed on the Space website : http://www.wyreforestspace.co.uk/media/96884/AV-equipment-list.pdf


4. Catering

  • The provision of all food and refreshments will be by the Council's contracted caterer.

  • No food or beverage items obtained other than from the Council’s contracted caterer may be consumed on the premises, this includes the courtyard area.  The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring that guests comply with this requirement.

  • All hospitality bookings must be entered onto the Wyre Forest District Council booking system following receipt of a booking form.  To avoid disappointment please allow a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for any food and 24 hours for beverage requirements.

  • Menu options are available on the Wyre Forest District Council website and booking form.

  • Cancellation or amendments to any food and beverage bookings must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event.  Orders that are cancelled outside 24 hours may still be charged at the full price. Cancellations or amendments must be made via Wyre Forest District Council.

Should you have any queries, specific dietary requirements that is not listed, please do not hesitate to telephone the Midshire Catering Services Catering Manager who will be more than happy to discuss alternatives to the advertised menu.

Please note that our Food Safety Policy guidelines advise that food is consumed within a 2 hour period from it leaving temperature controlled conditions.

  • Payment for all hospitality bookings are made directly to Wyre Forest District Council.

5. Damage/Abuse of Premises or Equipment, including Audio Visual Equipment

  • The Hirer shall be liable on demand for any damage to the premises of the fixtures, fittings, furniture and any equipment or articles provided within the facility and caused by the Hirer’s use of the premises.

  • The cost of restoring the premises, the fixtures, fittings, furniture and any equipment or articles provided within the centre to their original condition shall be assessed by the Council whose decision is final.

  • No screws or nails shall be driven into walls, floors or ceilings of the premises, fixtures and fittings.

  • The Hirer shall leave the premises in a clean and tidy manner.  In the event of damage payment for costs of repair or replacement will be incurred by the Hirer.

6. Injury to Persons or Damage to Personal Property

  • The Council and its Officers or agents will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of goods, property or equipment or for personal injury (except in the case of negligence by the Council) on the Council's premises or land, howsoever caused.

  • The Hirer shall indemnify the Council, its Officers or agents against any claims, which may be made in respect thereof.

  • Any accident must be reported to the Council as soon as possible after its occurrence, but in any event, prior to departing from the building.


7. Decoration and Fixings

  • No decorations, flags, emblems, posters or any other loose articles may be fixed to walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures or fittings without the written consent of the Council.


8. Removal of Equipment

  • The Hirer and/or contractors or others engaged by the Hirer to supply decorations, fittings or other facilities will be required to remove and clear away all articles belonging to them by the end of the hire period.  All reasonable instructions given on behalf of the Council by its authorised officers shall be observed.


9. Audio Visual, Lighting and Other Electrical Equipment

  • No additions or alterations to the lighting, speakers, microphones or other electrical arrangements may be made without the written consent of the Council.

  • Pyrotechnics of any sort must not be used without the written consent of the Council.

  • No electrical apparatus may be brought on to the premises without the written consent of the Council who must be satisfied that the equipment has been checked for safety.


10. Housekeeping and Health & Safety

  • In accordance with current legislation, no smoking is allowed in any part of the building or on Wyre Forest House Site, this includes the use of vaporisers (e-cigarettes) .

  • The Hirer shall ensure that there is no interference whatsoever during the period of hire with fire extinguishers or any other fire fighting equipment except in the case of an emergency.

  • The Hirer must not interfere with fire doors and doors fitted with automatic closures.  The Hirer shall keep every corridor, passage and exit of the premises clear of obstruction and ready for use in an emergency.

  • The Hirer will be notified of all Health & Safety and Housekeeping procedures on the day of the event. The Hirer must ensure that these guidelines are adhered to.

  • The Hirer will be the responsible person for all Health and Safety matters relating to their event and must be present at the event to deal with any Health and Safety matters that may occur.  This responsibility may be delegated to another person who must attend the event.  The name of the responsible person must be provided to reception on the day of the event.

  • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that people attending an event are aware of the fire evacuation procedure, including the location of fire exits.

  • The Hirer is responsible for holding a list of all attendees in case of emergency evacuation.

  • Any portable electrical equipment must have a valid Portable Appliance Test Certificate.

  • The Hirer is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all people attending their event.  The Council reserves the right to terminate the event, without any refund of costs, if the conduct and behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable.


11. Insurance

  • The Hirer may be required to provide evidence of appropriate public liability insurance (5 million pounds).

  • The Hirer shall not do, or permit to be done, anything which, in the opinion of the Council, is not covered by its policy or policies of insurance in relation to the use of the premises or which will cause any increased or extra premium to be payable, without the written consent of the Council.  Fees may be increased and additional conditions imposed if required by the Council's insurers in respect of additional risks.


12. Car park

  • All vehicles and property are left in the car park entirely at the owner's risk and the Council will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage however caused, except where arising from the Council's negligence.

  • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that vehicles using the visitor car park are driven in a safe manner and parked in such a way so as not to obstruct access by emergency vehicles.

  • The Hirer shall ensure that all vehicles are parked so that no exit or carriageway is obstructed.


13. Broadcasting

  • The Hirer shall not grant sound or television broadcasting or filming rights without the prior written consent of the Council.  If such consent is given, the Council reserves the right to be party to any negotiations as to the terms and conditions of any agreement to share any income and publicity derived there from.


14. Photographs

  • No camera or other photographic equipment may be brought on to the premises for commercial purposes without the Council's prior written consent.


15. Compliance with conditions

  • In the event of the refusal to comply with these conditions or any reasonable instructions given by the Council and its authorised officers, the Hirer and any persons attending the functions may be excluded from the premises.  The Hirer will remain liable in respect of the hire charges as herein contained.


16. Complaints

  • Any complaint connected with the hire of the premises should be made to the Council within seven days of the function.

  • The Council reserves the right to amend or vary these conditions or impose additional conditions without notice.


17.   Additional Charges

  • Where the Hirer is liable to pay additional charges under these terms and conditions the Council shall provide the Hirer with an invoice and the Hirer shall pay the amount in full within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

18.      Disclaimer

  • The Council has taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information provided.  The Council does not accept any liability for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to amend any information at any time.


View audio visual equipment available in each room (PDF 40k)

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